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Interesting people!

I have over the years made friends from all over the world and one of my newest friends is Marissa Krienert. She is the Executive Director of Fundacion Libertad in Panama.


Four days disconnected!

Returning back from Dresden was much awaited…not because of the massage session but because I could get back and start working on the net!! I felt so scared to open up my e-mails on return just for the fear of opening it. I sometimes feel that people who are very dependent on the Internet or are constantly ‘connected’ have such a phobia… what are your comments?

Desolate landscape scene….from my recent trip to Pluto!


The majestic himalayas…!!

The majestic himalayas…!!

Information technology for all!

We are getting as much acquainted with information technology as possible, it opens up a world of possibilities and choices. What is important is that everyone gets access to these technologies…from the mud house in sub-Saharan Africa to those living in a penthouse in Tokyo!

Hello world!

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